Flowers, greenery/foliage and

woody ornamentals

Availability list 2018 

(book early where possible to avoid disappointment as demand often outstrips supply)

Spring availability of our Dorset grown flowers, wreaths and greenery


Anemones: burgundy, white and pink, all with black centres.

Beech, hornbeam, oak, sweet chestnut, hazel, rowan, field maple, and alder: from local woodland plantations. Sold as individual bunches x 10 or mixed boxes of x 40 or x 80. Stem length approx. 80cm. Available late Spring.

Blossom: apple, pear and ornamental cherry branches in bud/flower from April onwards. Stem length up to 1m.

Choisya: dark-green, aromatic foliage with round leaves, and a scented white blossom. Great foliage for bulk, interest, and a heady scent. 

Daffodils: a variety of gorgeous daffs. 50cm. Available early Spring.

Euphorbia: lime-green, succulent and structural, we have euphorbias in many shapes and sizes. 50cm to 70cm.

Foxgloves: tall pink or white flower spikes of this woodland classic.

Hazel catkins: hedgerow hazel stems with catkins. 70cm.

Pussy willows: furry buds on red and yellow willow. We also have black pussy willow – a special new arrival with coal black buds. Approx. 80cm. Available mid Feb

Sweet rocket/hesperis: deliciously scented white flowers on an upright stem. 70cm to 90cm.

Wild garlic/ramsons: white flower clusters with large almond-shaped leaves. Strongly garlic scented. 30cm. 


Anemones: burgundy, white and pink, all with black centres.

Achillea: multi-florets on a broad, flat flower-head. Both the pale pink native ‘yarrow’ and a cerise pink cultivated variety available. 60cm to 90cm.

Alchemilla mollis: frothy lime-green foliage and filler. Approx. 60cm.

Allium byzantium: tall, skinny purple alliums

Amaranthus: green or white flower like a long, dangling catkin. 60cm. 

Ammi: looks like cow parsley but longer-lasting. Also known as “queen anne’s lace” amongst other names. 60cm to 100cm.

Aquilegia: white variety of the classic “granny’s bonnet”. 60cm.

Astrantia/pin-cushion flower: An unusual border perennial with pretty, star-like flowers on a slender stem. Comes in cream/green and a deep, claret red. 50cm to 70cm.

Bupleurum: foliage with bright green shell-like leaves clustered along slender stalks. 60cm.

Calendula/marigolds: large bright orange or yellow daisy flowers with black or yellow centres. 40cm.

Clary sage: a stocky, annual salvia with an attractive purple-blue flower and stem. 50cm.

Cornflower: both red and blue cornflowers available. Bright pom-poms of flowers on a slender stem with delicate leaves. A staple of the British summer bouquet. 50cm.

Cosmos: these come mostly in either pink or white. Like large daisies with yellow centres. 50cm.

Crocosmia: bright red fiery flowers along an arc stem. 70cm to 1m.

Daisies: classic white daisies with yellow centres. 50cm to 70cm.

Deschampsia grass: tall and delicate grasses. Fluid moving seed-head before pollination, dusty softening effects after pollination. Up to 1.5m.

Echinacea: favourite of bees, the coneflower has a large yellow centre surrounded by bright pink, daisy-like petals. 60cm to 80cm.

Eryngium: long-lasting, small grey-blue thistles on blue stems. Up to 50cm.

Feverfew: masses of white daisy flowers on generous, structural foliage. Up to 70cm. 

Helichrysum: tall, bright yellow, daisy-like flowers. 70cm to 90cm.

Honeysuckle: classic hedgerow beauty, with heady scent. 50cm.

Larkspur: tall spires of blue or white flowers. up to 80cm.

Meadowsweet: as the name suggests, this tall hedgerow beauty has the delicate scent of sweet meadow hay, and carries clusters of creamy white flowers. 70cm to 1m

Molucella or Bells of Ireland: long spikes of lime green bells. Up to 1m.

Nigella/love-in-a-mist: a favourite of many. It has an unusual blue seed-pod flower with blue ruffs around it. 50cm.

Poppies (icelandic): this particular poppy is grown especially as a cut flower because it lasts up to 5 days in the vase. A beautiful, papery flower on a slender stem. Colours vary and range from bright orange, to cream, to pink. 60cm.

Roses: scented English garden roses, both single-stemmed and floribunda. 

Sedum: fleshy, round-leaved summer foliage (juvenile). Up to 40cm.

Senecio ‘dusty miller’: feathered silver foliage. Up to 50cm.

Sorell: tall rust-coloured seed heads cut before pollination. Stem length 1m or more.


Sweetpeas: show-bench quality, both poly-tunnel and out-door grown. Available April to July. 40cm.

Verbena bonariensis: stately purple flower clusters on an elegant, tall stem. 60cm to 1m.

Viburnum: flowering.

Willow (curly): lovely twisted branches of leafy corkscrew willow. 70cm.

Zinnias: bright, daisy-like annuals that will certainly get themselves noticed in any arrangement. Colours vary and range from purple, to yellow, to pink, to green. 60cm.


Choisya: dark-green, aromatic foliage. Great for bulk and round-leaved textural interest.

Cotinus: plum-coloured, round-leaved foliage with misty flower clusters. 60cm.

Dahlias: large, bright pom-pom flowers of many different shapes, sizes, colours and varieties. 50cm to 90cm.

Fennel: lime-green sculptural-shaped foliage with feathery tops. 60cm to 1m.

Feverfew: masses of white daisy flowers on generous, structural foliage. Up to 70cm.

Hawthorn: hedgerow branches with red hips. 80cm.

Honeysuckle: classic hedgerow beauty, with heady scent. 50cm.

Physalis/chinese lanterns: orange parcel seed-heads on straight or slightly curved stems. 60cm.

Rose-hips: long sprays and clusters of small bright red hips. Approx. 70cm.

Sedum: fleshy leaves and broad autumn flower heads. Up to 40cm.

Sloe berry branches: blackthorn branches (complete with spikes), heavy-laden with gorgeous blue-black fruit.

Symphoricarpus/snowberry: these woody foliage stems bear white berries and small pink flowers. Up to 80cm.

Winter/early Spring

Abeliophyllum/white forsythia: an unusual cultivar of forsythia. Strongly scented. Stem length up to 80 cm. Flowers in January and February.

Alder: with catkins. Branches up to 1.5m tall.

Flowering currant.

Forsythia: white or yellow varieties (as above) Up to 80cm.

Cornus/dogwood: bright red stems through the winter months. Up to 1.5m.

Willow: decorative red, yellow, black and curly willow stems. Up to 1.5m.

N.B. Please contact us before ordering, and bear in mind that availability is subject to the vagaries of the British weather.


Coming soon:


Broom: white and yellow spring flowering brushes. 60cm.

Birch: silver variety.


Forsythia: yellow flowers on straight woody stems. Up to 80cm.

Hazel (red): 70 cm stems with catkins.

Hazel (curly): 70 cm stems with catkins.


Lilac: pink, purple and white varieties.

Lily of the Valley.

Sarcococca/sweet box: strongly scented white flowers in January and February. 40cm.

Solomon’s Seal.

Viburnum (spring flowering).



Acanthus: tall, stately thistle spikes with purple flowers. 70cm to 1m.


Bupleurum: lime-green clusters of delicate flowers on thin, branching stems. 60cm to 80cm

Lupin (perennial).


Myrtle: both variegated and green varieties.



Physocarpus: a bright green variety, and a plum coloured variety of foliage.



Stocks: (Brompton).

Sweetpeas: poly-tunnel grown, show-bench quality sweet peas. In combination with the outdoor-grown sweetpeas, these should ensure a longer season. 40cm.


Acer: foliage in fiery reds, yellows and oranges.

Bronze Fennel: Sculptural shaped foliage with feathery tops.

Choisya: the lime-green variety of this aromatic foliage. Great for bulk and round-leaved textural interest.


Elaeagnus: subtle, long-lasting, matt foliage with chalky grey under-leaf. 80cm.

Eucalyptus: unusual cultivars of the usual round-leaved foliage. 60cm.

Hawthorn: interesting varieties of red, rust and yellow ornamental hips. 80cm.

Hydrangeas: large pink, cream or red flower heads. 50cm.

Physocarpus/nine bark: straight stems of plum-coloured foliage. Up to 1m.

Pittosporum: long-lasting foliage. Variegated, plain green, and plum-coloured cultivars. Up to 70cm



Skimmia: both the white and the red-flowered varieties.

Spindle-berry: winter branches with some red leaves and clusters of pink flowers with orange seed pips. This hedgerow beauty is rare and flowers from September through to November or December depending on whether it’s a mild winter. Approx. 70cm.



Holly: both variegated, and green with yellow berries.

Witch hazel: these cultivars vary in stem colour and their flower colours range from pale yellow through various orange and cinnamon colours to a fiery red. Up to 80cm.

For more information on this selection, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.